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Case Studies

We have collated case studies here.

Angus Gowthorpe, Approach Farm, Escrick, Yorkshire

Angus shares his journey of adopting regenerative ag approaches, reasons for and first-hand experiences of using cover crops, considerations for selecting species and what you want to achieve from the cover crop and the difference between catch crops and cover crops.


Andrew Wilson, Brickyard Farm, Slingsby, Yorkshire

Andrew talks about how he has adopted regenerative ag approaches to support positive improvements for his root crops using less inputs and saving on time and costs.

Mike Powley, Oakhouse Farm, Whixley, Yorkshire

Mike tells us about how cover crops and regen ag practices in general have many ‘wins’ for soil health, nitrogen fixing benefits, carbon benefits and some tips for those starting out with Regenerative Agriculture.


David Purdy, David Purdy Soils

David introduces how to do your own soil assessment and what to look for on-farm.

Dr Dave George, Newcastle University

Dr Dave George of Newcastle University’s School of Natural and Environmental Sciences has specialist knowledge in the use of biopesticides and precision agriculture technology and is passionate about driving forward future farming systems to benefit food production.

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