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How to use the Selection Tool

The Cover Crop selection tool aims to support you in making good choices when selecting the right species for your farm. Please use the main filters on the left-hand side when making your selection and use the reset button to refresh the page.

Angus Gowthorpe, Approach Farm, Escrick, Yorkshire

Angus shares his journey of adopting regenerative ag approaches, reasons and first-hand experiences using cover crops, considerations for selecting species and what you want to achieve from the cover crop and the difference between catch crops and cover crops.


Dr Dave George, Chair, Farmer Scientist Network

Dr Dave George of Newcastle University’s School of Natural and Environmental Sciences has specialist knowledge in the use of biopesticides and precision agriculture technology and is passionate about driving forward future farming systems to benefit food production.

Useful resources:

We have reviewed a selection of recommended resources for cover cropping, all of which were available online in various formats. Based on scoring these resources against 5 key criteria for content on cover crop seed selection, we would recommend the following ‘top 4’ for further information on this topic:

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